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Carpet Cleaning Services

San Antonio carpet cleaning for homes & businesses

Carpet is a popular flooring choice for homes and businesses. It is very versatile and has some advantages. In addition to looking nice, it gives you color options and also can hide blemishes to a point. Carpet also is a good sound dampener. But it is difficult to keep clean, and eventually that ability to hide blemishes makes it look dingy and unattractive. When you hit that point, you need professional carpet cleaning from Michael’s Carpet Cleaning. We serve both business and residential customers throughout the area, and our family owned company strives to provide excellent customer service.

cleaning your carpet by yourself is hard work

Hiring Michael’s Carpet Cleaning saves you time and energy. Another benefit to a professional carpet cleaning is maintaining your carpet, which helps it last longer and protects your investment. And, of course, a deep cleaning removes allergens, mold and other harmful substances, leaving you with a healthier home.

You don’t have to worry when you hire Michael’s Carpet Cleaning

For your professional Carpet Cleaning Services our professional and experienced technicians use safe and superior cleaning equipment and solutions that are not harmful to pets or children.

Dirty & Dingy Need A Good Carpet Cleaning

When your carpet is looking dirty and dingy and is in need of a deep cleaning, call the experts at Michael’s Carpet Cleaning. We serve both business and residential customers throughout the area. Our family owned and operated company has a reputation for pleasing our clients and providing top-notch customer service.

Carpet Repair in San Antonio can be frustrating

They can make your interior design scheme look pretty shabby and unwelcoming as well. When you’re searching for professional carpet repair service that’s worth your time, Michael’s Carpet Cleaning is the local company to contact. We offer choice customer service, too.

Our high-quality carpet repair work can improve the look of your interior space in a significant way. Carpet that’s chock-full of holes, rips, ripples and bumps isn’t exactly attractive. It can sometimes even pose a safety hazard. People can potentially slip and injure themselves on carpeting that has many lumps. If you want to enjoy carpeting that’s soft, smooth, lovely and safe, our repair service is optimal.

Carpet Alteration Services

We're savvy and knowledgeable professionals

Our carpet repair technicians are equipped with years of experience. They can manage carpet problems of all varieties. It doesn’t matter if your carpet has lots of wear and tear. It doesn’t matter if it needs comparatively minor repair work, either. Our team members can come to your aid skillfully.

We have carpet repair equipment that’s state of the art and contemporary

Michael’s Carpet Cleaning has carpet repair equipment that’s state of the art and contemporary. It’s notably safe, efficient and reliable, too. When you need carpet repair service and peace of mind at the same time, you can lean on our family firm fully.

annoyed by unsightly and noticeable carpet problems?

Are you annoyed by unsightly and noticeable carpet problems? Drop Michael’s Carpet Cleaning a line as soon as possible. We can wow you with our diligent repair work. We can wow you with five-star customer service as well.

Tile & Grout Cleaning Services

Why get a Tile & Grout Cleaning in San Antonio?

It looks awful. When you’re searching for reliable tile and grout cleaning service, however, Michael’s Carpet Cleaning can be a lifesaver. Our family business specializes in A1 tile and grout cleaning work. We specialize in top-notch customer service as well.

Qualified professional tile and grout cleaning service can transform the feel and look of your interior space. It can give it an atmosphere that’s fresh, bright and welcoming. Dingy tiles can discourage people. They can make people feel uncomfortable, too. Clean flooring can also offer invaluable health advantages. If you’re a fan of clean and pleasant air, flawless tile floors are the path you need to take, period.

We have authentic tile and grout cleaning wizards on our staff

Our tile and grout cleaning wizards have substantial floor cleaning training. They employ tile and grout cleaning techniques that are efficient, modern, detailed and thorough. If you want tile and grout cleaning assistance from confident and capable professionals, you can turn to our firm.

Our tile and grout cleaning equipment is the definition of modern and advanced
Our tile and grout cleaning equipment is the definition of modern and advanced. It’s the definition of 100 percent safe, too. You won’t believe our gentle and dependable tile and grout cleaning solutions, either. Our product choices are the best of the best.
need unequaled tile and grout cleaning service?

When you need unequaled tile and grout cleaning service, Michael’s Carpet Cleaning is the brilliant solution. Our floor cleaning knowledge is tops. Call us today to witness our incredible customer service in action.

Businesses Ruined from Flooding

Michael’s Carpet Cleaning wants to help you get your business up and running again. We are a family-owned-and-operated company, who wants to be there to clean up after the catastrophe. Fantastic customer service is our bread and butter.

Let us deal with the headache of drying out the area, and working to prevent mold on your property. It is our goal to stop further damage and get your property looking like it used to, before the incident. The sooner you contact us, the faster we can take care of the dirty work.

Commercial Flooding Restoration Services

Don’t worry! Don’t delay
We will have your water damaged area under control. Our seasoned professional technicians will be there to save what they can and restore the affected area to its former glory. That and amazing customer service is our goal.
We take the headache of pumping out water and drying out the damaged area
Our safe and professional equipment will get the job done efficiently. We would be delighted to help you clean up after a flood or incident causing water damage.
Customer service is always our number one priority

Please let us know how we can help you. We here at Michael’s Carpet Cleaning want to help by give you peace of mind during this frustrating time.